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Krill Oil

Vitamin A



These are my daily multi-vitamins I take daily. Just to let you know that my supplements may not work for you because of your lifestyle, allergies and your bodies reactions. I want to disclaim that I get flare ups in my joints when I take multi-vitamins and low quality fish oil. I’ve had to fine tune my supplements for 5 years before I’ve come to take these main supplements daily. I’m gonna list why I take each one and how it works for me below.

  1. Collagen- I’ve only recently have been taking this for the last 2 months but when I stop taking it last year, I noticed a huge difference. So I’ve been on an off of it for the last 6 months because, I mean come on now, its a regime and a daily task. I have put it in a shaker or blend it in a smoothie. It goes down really well since its a floral flavor (even though its a beef by product). It’s pretty much flavorless except when I put the spirulina together. Then….. yea. I really started taking it because of my friends aunt has arthritis and she loves it. My best friends mom takes it religously and she runs marathons! My best friend is a pharmacists and is on her feet all day. She has to take it everyday, if not her knees start to ache because of the wear and tear she’s endured from tennis. I personally am happy with the effects it has on my joints and skin. I noticed that my face isn’t as dry and my acne calms down quite a bit when I take it.
  2. Spirulina – This is horrible tasting but great benefits! Its jammed pack with all the vitamins and minerals I would need as a multi-vitamin and more. I read in Medical Medium that spirulina is a good start for your morning. It gives me energy because when I took it after a work out, I couldn’t go to sleep 4 hours later.Haven’t tried that again. The good thing about spirulina for me is that I think of it as a powerful anti-oxidant. Which to me means, immune system buster. It’s like echinacea on crack. You can be the judge of that but I know its helped my immune system and my inflammation.
  3. Krill oil – Can you tell I really like Sprouts? I chose Krill oil instead of fish oil because of the higher potency and the added DHA and EPA level compared to fish oil. Plus, its tiny. From Dave Asprey’s article on “Krill Oil vs Fish Oil”, you’d want to change too. Check out his insights and see if you would want to integrate krill oil in your diet. I did out of necessity from my allergic reactions from low quality fish oil. In the article, it says how fish oil is made from smaller fishes that are either sardines and anchovies. It will even say it on the labels of what kinds of fishes the oils are made from. I noticed in a some random arthritis that sardines and anchovies are not good for arthritis. So for my verdict, its true. I need to find it and I will link it some time. Knowing these little things is why I stick to krill oil and I can’t go back to fish oil. Even if its cheaper. The quality and benefits just outweigh saving a few bucks by a ton.
  4. Vitamin A – I still am taking medication to help progress my arthritis in remission. Eye health deterioration is a side effect when taking Orencia. To help combat that, I have to take vitamin A and go to the eye doctor every year. That’s doctors orders. But you know what, its small and its from cod liver oil. It doesn’t hurt me and I’m fine. Same with folic acid. I don’t mind it being in my body, I don’t see it changing my life but its not hurting me.
  5. Zinc – After years of acne which I still am suffering from today, I found so many youtube videos of girls taking action about their acne. The only supplement on repeat was Zinc. I can see the difference from my old cystic acne to the smaller pimples I have now. I’m not in the perfect skin phase yet and I hope that I can be soon. I know this stuff really does help.
  6. Magnesium – Not seen but I do take it. I just broke the glass bottle today, trying to open it. You know arthritis fingers are so slippery. Like the spirulina, Anthony from Medical Medium talks about how so many people need more magnesium in our lives and most of us are deficient because of our diets. Its so true. I had an acupuncturists and my OB/GYN tell me this. It helps regulate our sleep and our moods from what I see. I know there’s more to it but you can see for yourself a difference it can make.

So there you have it. What I didn’t mention up top are tumeric powder, green tea, folic acid, and vitamin C. Those are kinda every now and then when I really can remember but I do like that I can stick my 6 supplements every day. I take the collagen, spirulina, zinc and magnesium first thing in the morning. I take the krill oil and vitamin A after lunch. I notice that I get really nauseous when I take the oils in the morning on a empty stomach. I’ve linked where I got my collagen and spirulina above at the top. The rest of the supplements I bought from Sprouts and the zinc from Wal-mart.

I hope my insights can inspire you to have a similar pattern. Let me know what kinds of supplements you take and how they work for you. I would love to test out new vitamins and supplements to see if they would work.


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